How to Make Money From Home With a Computer Guaranteed

Could you use a little bit (or maybe a LOT) of extra cash each month? And wouldn’t it be great to be able to learn how to make money from home with a computer without having to get another job? We all know what a mixed blessing an extra job can be, what with the inconvenient hours and the potential for a boss who doesn’t care about your need for work life balance.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could earn this extra on your terms and

  • Work when you want and where you want
  • Finally have the extra cash you need to afford afew luxuries in your monthly budget
  • Take time off whenever you want, without havingto beg for permission from your boss and arrange for it for weeks or months inadvance.
  • Double, triple or quadruple your hourly wage onceyou learn to be more efficient at your work rather than having your boss rewardyou with more work and zero extra pay.

This article will teach my methods for doing all that and how to make money with your computer at home.

 “You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.” —Dave Ramsey

What You’ll Learn: How to Make Money From Home With a Computer

Stick with me and I’ll show you how someone with no prior experience inthis industry can:

  • Learn how to earn money using a computer
  • Discover real ways to make money from home
  • Use the same 5 step process I did to turn mycomputer into a virtual money machine, earning extra cash whenever I wantedusing nothing more than a computer and an internet connection.
  • Earn hundreds of dollars per month working thisbusiness part-time
  • Set up this business within a week if you’re nota techie
  • And much, much more

This methods will work from anywhere in the world-from Bali to Cape Town-aslong as you have a computer and a reliable internet connection.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The amount of money you can make with this system depends on your work ethic,determination, persistence and willingness to learn and take action.

For example some people are happy with earning an extra $500 a month, workinga few hours week in their spare time.

Other people go on to replace their full time income completely and earn afew thousand dollars per month with my methods.

How far you want to take this is completely up to you.

The amount of money that your “side income” makes will depend on your existing skills and how much you are willing to work. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that the whole “make money online for free” thing is a myth right?

Everything requires effort, and this opportunity is no different.

Who should read this?

  • work at home moms
  • college student
  • retired seniors
  • writers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Pet Sitters
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Transcriptionists
  • Survey Takers
  • Website Testers
  • Photographers
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Online Teachers
  • Online Tutors
  • And many, many more people who want extra incomefrom internet.

How can I use my laptop toearn money from internet?

How great can it be to sit around at home, your favorite coffee shop, or even out in the middle of a park and be able to work?  This is something that is possible and with only an internet connection and a laptop can be done easily by anyone!  Some of the top 10 ways how to make money from home with a computer are so simple that they are often overlooked.

1.Sell Your Skills Online


First, you can search around for a place to sell your skills.  If you are great at typing this is perfect because there are literally thousands of data entry jobs that are available.  The problem that you need to overcome to make money today is to look for legitimate offers that actually pay.  This means that most likely you will need to apply with a company.  However, this does not mean paying a fee to get jobs.

Free Signup at Fiverr:  Register Here

2.Become a Blogger


Second, if you enjoy writing look into blogging.  While this is not something that will allow everyone to strike it rich there are several bloggers all around the world who make comfortable six figure incomes just from the advertising they receive by blogging!  This is an incredible field of money if you are talented and manage to find a hot niche and can write well.

Here’s a great step by step tutorial for those of you who are interested.

3.Become a Virtual Administrative Assistant


Think a secretary that works online! This is something that is great for people with good research and peopleskills.  Your time is spent answeringe-mails, doing research, compiling reports and assisting your boss withanything they need all from your home. Some bosses require phones; most just require project managementsoftware and a computer with internet connection.

How to Get It: Start with websites like Upwork.comFiver.com, and PeoplePerHour.com to find freelance opportunities related to virtual assisting.

4. Become a Freelance Writer


Write, copy edit,fact-check, update, and organize content in a way that’s compelling to readers. This is perfect forpeople who are creative with their words and has a passion forcontent. 

How to Get It: If you’ve worked in media, try reaching out to your former colleagues to see if they have any opportunities to freelance. You can also connect with editors of your favorite brand on LinkedIn or use platforms like fiverr.com or iwriter.com to connect with listings.

5.Get Paid For Testing Websites


Manycompanies pay online testers to make sure websites are intuitive and easy tonavigate. “You basically follow the instructions you’re given to check outthe website. It usually only takesabout 15 minutes per test. I recommend registering with 10 to 12 differentcompanies since the opportunities to test these sites are doled out first come,first served. “There are people who make $100 to $200 a month by stayingon top of those tests.

How to Get It: Begin with sites like UserTesting.com and Userlytics.com.

6. Become Online Tutor


You work with a student who needs extra help, usually for ahalf-hour over the phone or Skype. This is good for people who only havepockets of time to work and an extensive knowledge of or expertise in asubject, or are fluent in a foreign language.

How to Get It: Sylvan Learning (Tutoring.SylvanLearning.com), Tutor.com, TutorVista.com and Tutorzilla (Tutorzilla.com)

7. Sell Your Photos Online


There are many sites that let people trade and sell photos. They vary in their terms and the way they do business but the foundation is the same: they let you upload your photos, showcase them and set their prices. The site users can browse through your photos and purchase the ones they like. While some of these sites are free to use and only collect a commission from the proceeds other sites charge a setup fee or a membership fee. I talk about how to make money with photography here.

8.Make Money Filling Out Surveys


Industries pay over 250 Billion dollars on market researching every year,why? Simply because if they launch unsuccessful product they lose a lot ofmoney and time, this is apart from downgrading of their brand name, to driveaway all these worries, they do what is known as “Market Research” they askpeople:

  • What do you need?
  • What is your opinion about?
  • What would you like to see in this product?
  • Etc. so they can target the market needs successfully.

Click here to take surveys for cash.

All this is good but how can I make money from surveys? Money market researching companies offer its participants money to fill market researching surveys, do you know that you can make 5-75$ for spending 15 minutes online giving your opinion in one survey? Read about how Jason did it here

To my knowledge these are the best real ways to make money from homemethods to help you increase your income.

9. Create an Online Course


From simple online lectures to intensive boot camps, you’ll find courses that charge anywhere from a few hundred dollars to nearly $20,000, depending on the topic. And online courses allow you to pursue any specific topic you can imagine, without asking you to take gen ed courses you might not be interested in. Find out about creating an online course here.

There are a number of websites in this industry, such as:

  • Udemy
  • Skillshare
  • Coursera

10. Make Money With Affiliate Marketing


Did you hear about those companies who give people commissions in order tohelp them sell their products? Do you know that many people make $5000+ permonth selling others stuff; it is a big cake that everybody can have a piecefrom, simply because online business is booming day after another.

To do this you don’t necessarily have 10 years of marketing experience orso, also it doesn’t involve calling people to recommend that product ordistributing fliers in the streets! It is as simple as setting an online $2dollar advertisement that brings you a commission of up to $150, depending onthe product you are selling.

See How A 28-Year-Old Got Fired Then Built A $500K-A-Month Business While Traveling The World with affiliate marketing.

How to get started withaffiliate marketing

Follow these super simple 5 steps to learn how to make money with computer and internet and get ahead of 95 per cent of other marketers.

Step 1: Target a large group of people

First you need to research your intended market. You need find a reasonablylarge number of targeted individuals who have money to spend and a problem thatneeds solving. To make money online you need to offer a great product, orservice, that solves a problem for them.

You need to research:

(a)      What are people searching foronline?

(b)     How many people are searchingonline for a solution to their particular problem?

First though, what should you be marketing in your proposed new onlinebusiness?

Ideally, you should market something that you have a keen interest in, this will keep you motivated. You can find out what people are searching for at Google here: https://ads.google.com/home/tools/keyword-planner/ and at longtailpro.com who currently offer a free trial at:


Read about long tail pro review right here

Step 2 : Locate a great product

Once you have researched your target market, it is time to quickly locateyour products or services. If you have your own product great, if not thenthere are plenty of options to sell, or resell other people’s products.

There are thousands of products you can find quickly. However, marketingand selling a really good product needs a little more attention (you couldcreate your own but you want to get started fast, right?)

Next…locate your products

You can choose to promote physical products or digital online products.Digital products cover many different areas of interest and are incrediblyprofitable. There are no delivery costs with digital download products they area good choice to promote as most offer good margins.

Here are some prime resources for sourcing digital products:

          1.       www.maxbounty.com

          2.       www.clickbank.com

          3.       www.amazon.com

There are other resources but the above sites are a great place to startfor all types of fast selling digital download products as well as physicalproducts.

Step 3:   Market to your target audience

Now you have researched your chosen market, and located great products youcan sell, it’s time to reach out and grab those targeted individuals.

So how are you going to attract your hungry buyers at little or no cost?

You MUST reach your target market in a way that allows you still to make agood profit. There are many ways to achieve this (that is another book initself) but I’m going to show you the most cost effective way to market almostany product or service online. In fact it is so cost effective it won’t costyou anything (just a little time set aside to complete it).

So what is this free method?

Articles and search engine optimization. Yes… article marketing is THE most powerful way to attract ready-made buyers to your site for little or NO cost. You basically write something that is informative and of interest to readers of your target market, then submit your articles to rank high in search engines.

Here are 10 Quality article sites to submit your content;

  • Medium.com
  • Quora.com
  • Sites.google.com
  • Ezinearticles.com
  • Tumblr.com
  • Articlecity.com

The links contained within your published articles will point back to yourwebsite and they will lead targeted visitors to your product. Articles can alsobe a major factor in giving any well optimized site higher rankings in searchresult pages.

Step 4:Offer a very tempting low cost (or free) product

When someone visits your site you must offer a FREE or relatively low-costproduct to ‘hook’ your potential buyer from the outset. The aim is to get theprospect to ‘buy-in’ to you, so that you can start to establish a businessrelationship. A getting to know you stage if you like.

Make your initial offer very difficult to turn down and at the same capture their email address sothat you can follow up if they don’t buy the first time (1 per cent or less buyon their first visit to a website).

Once your customer has bought into your first product, this could be a freeemail course, a “How to” eBook, a mini report or a cheap $27 introproduct, you must then begin to build up trust and offer more expensiveproducts.

The only way you can make a long term profit, and make money online, is bybuilding on that first low margin sale. After the first sale you then follow upby offering ever more expensive products each time.

As long as the products or services you offer are good and deliver whatthey promise, you will be giving value for money. That’s what we all want whenwe buy something. That is how all successful companies and individuals make asuccess out of their businesses.

Step 5  Follow up and offer more expensive products

Repeat the process over and over again with successful products andservices and drop the unsuccessful ones. These simple steps may seem reallyobvious but guess what, most marketers don’t do it.

When you follow up with your customers you should be offering them relatedproducts to their first purchase. Use an auto responder to automate yourcommunications.

Follow this simple 5 step formula, research your idea thoroughly and youwill make money online.

What It Takes To Earn Money From Computer Work?

When you are thinking of ways to make money online, you likely want to knowimmediately what the best way to make money online is.  The truth is that the answer to that variesfrom person to person.  Everyone isdifferent and what one person can make money on may not be easy for anotherperson to make money on.  Therefore, itis important to assess what you know and what you have in order to figure outwhat the best way to make money online is. Use these assessment tips to help you get started and on your way tomaking money online.

Your Product or Services

The first thing you need to assess is what you are trying to “sell”online.  If you have a physical productto sell, you will need to figure out the best way it would be to sell thatproduct.  For instance, you need todetermine if you should sell that product alone, or if it works best ingroups. 

For instance, if you are selling pictures, you will need to determine ifyou want to offer them with frames or without. The way in which you present your product can have a great impact on theway it is received by your potential customers.

If you are dealing with a service, such as consulting or writing, you needto figure out how you will present your services.  Perhaps you could create “packages” ofservices in which you would need to set prices for.  Customers typically will purchase moreconfidently when you have everything laid out simply for them.

Cheap Web Traffic Sources toUse

In addition to figuring out how you plan to market your products, you willalso need to know how you plan to get them out there to the public.  For instance, some people choose to use theirown website and advertising to sell their products.  This can be a very effective way to sell yourproducts or services.

  1. Bing Ads

Bingads.microsoft.com, that’s right! The #2 PPC network in the world rightbehind

Google AdWords! Bing Ads minimum bid price is $0.05, but you can still getplenty of clicks for $0.01 or less!

Setting up a campaign with Bing Ads is a piece of cake, you can sign uphere:


  1. Facebook Ads

Facebook traffic is MASSIVE. And the best part about it is that you can get LASER TARGETED traffic at low cost. I’m talking about 0.05 – 0.20 CPC. There is simply NO other traffic source at the time of writing that gives you a SUPER TARGETED audience at such low costs. You’d be crazy if you are not even trying this traffic source out. Learn Facebook ads Sign up Here.

  1. Native Ads

Native ads are one of the biggest growth areas for traffic acquisition onthe Internet today. Most of the big name publishers are using Native ads formonetization. And I’m talking about literally thousands of big name publisherslike Yahoo and CNN…

The amazing thing about Native ads is that you can have your own ad listedand recommended on a big site like CNN in a matter of days!

The big players are making tens of thousands of dollars a day. I recommend:

  1. Revcontent
  2. Content ad
  3. Taboola
  4. Outbrain

Find out about how to setup native ads right here.

If you really want to catapult your business online, use pay per clickadvertising. With PPC, you don’t need to worry about getting your website on thefront page by making sure you use keywords correctly, getting tons on incominglinks to your site, or all the other things associated with search engineoptimization. It is really simple to use as long as you read the how to onGoogle.

 However if you’re not careful, youcould really blow all your money using wrong keywords or wrong targeting, notsetting your advertising budget, and not paying attention to your click throughrate. Click through rate is all figured out for you in your platform account, soyou really do not need to worry about it. Just make sure you have a clickthrough rate of 1% or more.

One of the best ways to know if your advertising is right on is by thisrate! Let’s say your advertisement received 200 clicks out of 2000 page impressionsand 2 of those clicks resulted in sales. There’s your one percent! There aremany eBooks and articles on Google to help you learn how to use these ppcplatforms effectively;

I personally think you will learn all you need to know in Google’s search.Just be sure to be using methods that bring traffic to your site so you willhave customers. PPC advertising has the potential of bringing thousands ofpotential customers to your advertisement in just minutes. 

If you don’t want to worry with setting up your own home page, advertising,and website, you can always choose an alternative method of selling such asadvertising your services on a blog which can be free by using Google Blogger,a message board, or an online auction site. All of these avenues can be very profitable. 

As you can see, finding out what the best way to make money online is notas easy as you would think. With a little research, using the internet willhelp you; you can actually build yourself a highly profitable business.

In fact, you need to figure that out for yourself by thinking about whatyour talents are and what you have to offer. Then think about what the best means for marketing and offering yourproducts and services are.  Keep playingaround with ideas until you find something that works! Once you find what worksfor you, work it, work it, and then work it some more.


You just learned how to make money from home with a computer. And that means you can now more time for friends and family while making money.

To that end, let’s quickly recap what you learned over the last pages:

  • You learned how to work from home.
  • You found out how to generate traffic to youraffiliate offers
  • Plus you ever discovered a slick way to startmaking money

That’s it hope if you love this article SHARE it with your friends.

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